With the weather getting more bleak, I tend to gravitate towards warm soups to fill me up. While I prefer laksas and ramen (how could you not living in Vancouver), there is just something about Chinese soups that really hit the spot as well.

Friend and fellow lover of food, Will invited us out to Richmond for dinner. Hanpy Tofu Pot is located in the same square as Richmond Sushi and Yavis Club. You might just miss them because they’re tucked away (near Bubble World).

Their enormous dishes are an average of $7.50, which is a great value. Tonight though, we all ordered set meals. There is only a limited amount of set meals every day, so make sure you don’t come too late!

The set meal includes a small appy, drink and dessert all for $13.50. There are 5 different appies to choose from – since there were four of us, we got to try most of them. We ordered the pickled cucumber, marinated tofu, beef slices and crispy, peppery chicken.





All of them were pretty standard as you would expect from a Chinese cafe. There was enough of each for all of us to try some, but not overfill us.


It also comes with your choice of bubble tea – I ordered the wheat germ milk tea. I love those crispy flakes! It was a good size and not too heavy.


If you’re not a big fan of hot pot style type meals, they also have rice dishes. I was having major dish envy when Will’s rice dish came to the table.


I ordered the Kimchi Tofu Pot. You can order the pots in varying levels of heat. Being that it was my first time, I went with medium. The broth was a nice, comfortable level of heat. I think I could go up to spicy. One of our friends had the highest level of heat (extremely spicy/volcano) but he took it like a champ and finished the entire pot! He was sweating from the heat but it wasn’t an unbearable heat that you could only have one bite and stop eating.

My Kimchi Tofu Pot is gigantic and served with a side of rice. The pot itself has your choice of noodles, so I felt like this was a bit of an overkill but I understand how essential rice is to a meal. In the pot there were some squid rings, fish balls, lots of tofu, cabbage and a mussel. It might not be the best looking soup, but the flavour was nice, not too thick and enjoyable. I’d really like to see more veggies in this dish though!

There are three different types of desserts but we all wanted to try the Green Tea “Confection” or just have Red Bean soup.


The Green Tea Confection was a green tea gelatin type dessert served with ice cream and condensed milk. The green tea dessert itself wasn’t too sweet, which is perfect considering its pairings.


The Red Bean soup is pretty standard as well but thankfully not too overly sweet.

I would definitely come back here again for a huge and affordable meal!

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