Shiang Garden Seafood Restaurant

We caught up with a couple of newly-wed friends and some high school friends I have not seen since, legitimately, high school. We trekked all the way to Richmond for this dim sum experience to Shiang Garden, which is overlooking the plaza it’s situated in.

Shiang Garden is famously known for being a great reception venue and I can see why, with it’s large open space and chandeliers, it definitely is one of the more glamorous Chinese restaurants I’ve seen in Richmond.

We started off with a couple of staples, and some staples that had a twist. For the most part, dim sum is normally the same type of food with almost the same consistency in any restaurant you go to (we are that lucky to have great dim sum in Vancouver). Some places have their own signature dishes or have specialties, but generally the same variation.



First off was the Hau Gau and Steam Rice Cake layered with custard.

Hau Gau (Shrimp Dumpling) is my baseline for dim sum and they nailed it here at Shiang Garden. The skin is slightly translucent, the shrimp is spongey but not rubbery with whole shrimps and it had a fresh taste to it.

The Steam Rice Cake was definitely different than what I’m used to seeing at dim sum – it was layered with custard which helped with the dryish texture of the rice cake. I’d love to see this more often at dim sum places.


The next dish was the deep fried taro and pork. It’s great here, not too greasy and had a good taste to it.


We also ordered the Durian Puff Pastry, which was surprisingly pretty good. The puff pastry was slightly buttery, deliciously crumbly and had just the right amount of durian paste inside.



Overall, I found the rest of the dishes to be good, all typical fare and portion size as you would expect for dim sum. Their menu is definitely more diverse than most places I’ve been to (or maybe since we had so many people, it seemed like we tried a lot more items on the menu than I’m used to). If I were in Richmond, I’d come back again to this dim sum restaurant.

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