If you’ve never had the pleasure of Chez Christophe’s meticulously made chocolates, you are missing out. Chez Christophe is located in Burnaby Heights, where you’ll be able to enjoy not only chocolates but a great selection from their patisserie and viennoiserie.

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Christophe is a Swiss trained Confectioner with an extensive background in pastry and chocolate throughout Europe and was the Executive Pastry Chef at CinCin’s.

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Christophe has partnered with Timbertrain Coffee Roasters to bring some of his most notable baked goods to Gastown. The croissants and my personal favourite – the pain au chocolate with hazelnut is now available at Timbertrain.

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Timbertain Coffee Roasters is another local and passionate company that brings excellence to every cup of coffee they serve. As micro roasters, their craft may be labour intensive, but there can be no other way. I was very impressed by their roasts, particularly the ones they use for their bar drinks that I can easily say that their coffee is one of my favourites in the city.

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With Christmas just around the corner, Chez Christophe’s offers a variety of chocolates, logs and beautiful sculptures (all of which are available for purchase).

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We tasted three different logs: Chestnut, Apple and Chocolate – it was really difficult for us to decide which ones were our favourites. Nathalie loved the Chocolate then Apple, then Chestnut. For myself, I feel that the Chocolate is decadent and perfect to indulge during the holidays, the Apple was nice, lighter than the chocolate and a great treat for after dinner, the Chestnut is delicious – I’ve only really had chestnut as a dessert in Asian cakes, so it’s interesting to see it come from a European perspective.

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There were also three different types of chocolates: pumpkin, dark chocolate and cinnamon hazelnut. The wonderful thing about these chocolates are they are not too sweet allowing each flavour to be savoured.

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If you’re ever in the Burnaby Heights area (or even if you’re not), I do highly suggest you visit Chez Christophe to experience his chocolates and baked items. I also suggest that you check out Timbertrain Coffee Roasters, as they are now one of my favourites in the city!

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Photography by Nathalie de los Santos.