Ah, Maui. As many pictures as I could take, it could not do Hawaii justice. There is something that takes over you when you’re on these islands and I don’t quite know how to put it other than it being magic. Maybe it’s being surrounded by endless crystal blue ocean, the warm sun and sand on your skin…or maybe it’s just the switch to a more simpler, slower island lifestyle. Whatever it is, I dig it.


There is no place in the world I’ve been to yet that can emulate the feel of Hawaii. The feel of not rushing to be somewhere, being able to unplug – no need to check your phone or your email and just live. There was never a moment I felt angry, stressed or upset while on Maui. All my interactions I had with the locals were pleasant ones, which contributed to this island feel. There were also those moments where we’d watch the sun set – quiet with a slight breeze through the palm trees and just the sound of the ocean lapping against the shore.



There were some places I had visited during my first Maui visit that I had to revisit again.


One of these places is Yee’s Orchard, this fantastic but small fruit stand in Kihei. They sell Golden Glow mangoes which are the best mangoes I’ve ever tasted in my mango-tasting life. This time, we were not able to buy any because they wouldn’t ripen before we had to leave – but we stocked up on their mango jam and I’m currently coveting it like it was a bar of gold. 


There are numerous beaches around Maui you can visit, all different in experience and purpose. Some you can tell are saved for fishing, surfing or swimming. There are so many beautiful stops along the road to Hana, so make sure you do make stops and check out some of the breathtaking views. Some points to note are some waterfalls along the way, red sand and black sand beach and the bamboo forest (which is a bit of a trek to get to, so make sure you have time to do so). 


We didn’t have much time to check out the beaches but one we did visit was located in the Sheraton Maui complex. Yes, its a touristy area – but there is a public beach that anyone can enter (complete with free parking) and the area was pretty empty. The beach is nice, clean and even offers some umbrellas and chairs.


There are Farmers Markets within Kihei (and I assume many other places as well) that sell great fruits and vegetables – including the biggest avocados I have ever seen in my life. They also sell hand carved wood items, trinkets and much more. Be sure to check some out while you’re there.


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