Somehow I kept missing this venue walking up and down Davie! I went with a handful of friends. We walked up the steps into a restaurant that felt super homely.

We started with the Momos. It is Tibetan styled steamed dumplings served with chutney. It was light, not too greasy and the dough was nice and soft. My friend is photo bombing me below:


I had the Pokhara Lamb. It is boneless lamb marinated overnight in yogurt, ginger-garlic paste and gentle Nepali spices. It is served with Gurkha Pulau. I was kind of underwhelmed by the rice and vegetables accompanying the lamb, but the lamb itself was very flavourful.


IMG_4526 copyTruthfully, I kind of wanted what my friend had depicted above.

Not my favourite place in the world, but I feel comfortable and relaxed in this laid back restaurant.

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