I had the pleasure of having breakfast with Megan from the Fairmont Kea Lani and getting to know a little bit about the Fairmont Kea Lani and also what brought her to Maui. Visiting the islands of Hawaii inspires a lot of people to leave their busy lives and crave a more relaxed lifestyle – I know that’s precisely how I feel when I’m on the islands. As much as I crave island life and the warmth of Maui’s sun, it would be pretty difficult for me to move down – perhaps if I was a US citizen it’d be a little bit easier!

The Kea Lani restaurant is completely open-air and offers a breakfast buffet alongside the a la carte menu. There are a lot of local flavours put into the buffet alongside timeless classics. We went for a la carte style, and I’m glad we did.


My eyes fell on the Ahi Tuna eggs benedict – and you could say it was love at first bite. These are big Ahi tuna steaks that get served along with perfectly made eggs and hollandaise sauce on taro bread. Although it’s served with a healthy selection of vegetables – they are definitely not needed! The two eggs with Ahi tuna filled me up pretty quick! I don’t think I had such a wonderful and well thought out breakfast anywhere else on the island than this. I’d definitely recommend checking it out – all the restaurants are open the public.

Thank you Megan and the Fairmont Kea Lani for your hospitality! I miss the resort already.

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OVERALL: fiveforks

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