I’ve been to the River Market many times before, but this was Josh’s first time. We hit up a few places. We weren’t majorly hungry, so we had more snack fare. We had tea at the Great Wall Tea Company. We had iced Lovers Leap and Strawberry. The tea was so flavorful we hardly had to sweeten it. It was fantastic — I will be back for regular tea whenever I hit up the studio.

New Westminster has become my new area to wander around. I hang out with Indies Anonymous to jam on indie games. I always find the old world, the sea and the city combined of New Westminster is breath taking.


Next up we went to Re-Up BBQ.


This is the best cornbread ever. It is buttery, moist and its shell gives it a nice little crunch. The chili itself was so filling and it had an interesting note: mint chutney. For both adding flavour and helping clean the palate, this is an interesting combination to the chili. We didn’t get the sandwiches, which looked absolutely amazing since they were massive.

IMG_20141213_152611We went to Longtail next. A comfy little gourmet and ethical Thai street food restaurant, I had deep fried oysters. I was skeptical, because I am not a fan of deep fried oysters. It sometimes brings out the overwhelmingly seafood taste, but Longtail did not. It was sweet and sharp, soft and chewy oysters that paired well with a sweet sauce they served on the side. I was looking around their shop and was pleased to see Gluten-free products on the wall. I will have to come back for some pad thai.


Since this was light fare, I don’t think it’s fair for me to rate these restaurants out of 5. So far my experiences with them have been pleasant enough for me to go back and really put the food critic glasses on.

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