NOVO Pizzeria & Wine Bar had a private tasting! It was a fantastic night, there was plenty of wine. I must embarrassedly say I drank a little too much, they have a wonderful selection of wine!


We started with the Burrata Cicheto. It is tomato jam, balsamic pearls and pistachio, pink peppercorn and mint.


The sweetness surprised me, the mint cleaned up my palate from the medley of flavors. Not familiar with burrata cicheto and how it’s usually served, I wondered if this would taste fantastic on bread. It was paired with a sauvignon blanc, the Ketu Bay Marlborough, New Zealand ’12. The wine’s light body and brisk taste helped cleanse the sweetness into this nice sweet hue with the wine.


Next up was the Truffled Fettucine. Funghi mist, truffle oil and pecorino romano — it was one of my favourite dishes. Super simple, super light, the mushrooms were flavourful and the light sauce was fantastic. This pasta won’t leave you feeling bloated or guilty for days, it’s a good, simple dish. It was paired with a chardonnay, the wine was a bit sweeter and smooth than the first, presumably to pair with the cheese in the dish.


Next up is the Riostto Di Bufala! Mozzarella di bufala, oven dried tomatoes, thyme, cashew and arugula pesto. Not my favourite dish of the mix this evening, but it certain was filling and hearty from the cheese.


Handcut pappardelle served with tender rabbit, roasted tomatoes, California black olives, white wine, pecorino cheese, arugula and olio al tartufo. The rabbit wasn’t gamey at all. If someone hadn’t told me it was rabbit, I wouldn’t have guessed. The olives were fantastic, like little pops of flavour. The fettucine was simple, the pappardelle is dressed up but not too much and is another great variation of pasta.IMG_4695

Here comes the heavier dishes: Braised Beef Cheek Ravioli. My favourite. It has onion confit, black pepper and tarragon cream sauce, orange zest. I want a whole plate of this to myself.

IMG_4699So good I took two pictures! Ha.



The last dish was Sausage Orrechiette. It’s fennel pollen, allepo pepper, parmigiano reggiano. This dish is hearty with the cheese, meat and thick bits of pasta. (The thickness and consistency reminded me of a Korean rice noodle/cake.)
IMG_4710Last but not least, the Sicilian Cannoli. It has buffalo ricotta, citrus oil, orange blossom water and pistachios. It looks decadent and rich, but its actually light and aerie in the inside. A perfect close to a medley of different types of pastas.

Thanks for having us! I will be back for some takeout. I would love to try their pizzas.