Social Shopper offered a 2-for-1 high tea deal at the Fairmont at the Airport. It came to around $46. You still have to pay tax and gratuity. Totally worth it. Such a nice ambience and a well crafted menu for a high tea afternoon.


We had our teas served in a press. I had maple tea, which is black tea with maple notes. My mom had earl grey, which was super fragrant. The aroma of bergamot, ceylon and light citrus tantalized my nose. I was kind of jealous!20141210160227_IMG_4847_1And tada! The dishes. I could go into them all, but I’ll list my highlights/favorites. Mind you, they’re all really good:

  • See that cheesecake on the top? It’s an eggnog cheesecake. Holy molly. I must try baking this at home, it is fantastic. The eggnog gives the cheesecake a nice sweet and hearty twist.
  • Their jam is fantastic on the second tier. The jam paired with the raisin scones wasn’t overly sweet, and the two paired well with each other.
  • That BC Smoked Salmon sandwich at the bottom — it’s hidden — but it was so good. It’s the simplest sandwich I’d say out of the bottom row, but it was made very well. Other notable parts of the sandwiches: I loved the sweet and salty bread they used for the chicken sandwich. The roast beef turnover was my second favourite.

I never really come to YVR to dine, but the Fairmont may be my new favourite spot. Thanks for the introduction, SocialShopper! You can see the deal here, but it is no longer available. Check back in the future.