Bogart’s is added to my lists of where to go for sit-ins with my coworkers for lunch, alongside Back Forty and Fresh Sushi. Delicious pizza and entrees and not too high of a price tag. If you’re not sure yourself, on SocialShopper, it’s $29 for a three course meal for two people. Check it out here. (It’s funny, I’ve always passed it and never noticed it. I’m speculating its because I associate a hotel with them or something.)

Let me clarify something for the users of the SocialShopper: you and your guest have a shared dessert and appetizer. You each get your own dish though. For our appetizer, we got steam mussels. The sauce they were marinating in was amazing – we had to ask for another order of bread because we wanted to soak it up and eat all of it.


I also ordered some Blue Buck Pale Ale beer with my meal.


Michelle and I ordered the duck confit pizza. This was my favorite dish of the night. The duck was super tender, flavorful and moist, and the arugula cleaned the palate of cheese and duck. It was fantastic! I wanted more when we finished.

IMG_5001 IMG_5000

I ordered the steak frites. It was a much plainer dish, but the meat was juicy and tender. The gravy was also superb, as I scooped the rest of it with my fries. Theres’s this sauce theme going on tonight…


Another guest joined us, because he overheard of the good time we were having. He came in and ordered the Shepard’s Pie. I didn’t have much of it, but it looks delicious.


IMG_5002 IMG_5004And at last, our cheesecake dessert! It’s not super sweet, which I am a fan of. I like being able to taste all the elements versus just sugar. The subdued sweet flavour of the cheesecake paired well with the sweetness of the compote and the strawberry added a nice tart bite to it.

I will be back. The service was fast and they were generally friendly. Just a disclaimer: SocialShopper provided us with the coupon to come review here, but my opinons are my own. (I believe my guests may write a review later themselves.) I do prefer this place over Boston Pizza (just had a super, super slow service experience with them, so I don’t care to review them). But Back Forty always has a special place in my greasy heart with their chicken. Bogart’s, Back Forty and Fresh Sushi will be my dine-in experiences during work gatherings.