Are you getting a loooot of chocolate for Christmas? What if I showed you how to regift that chocolate in a cool, meaningful way? You can get the ingredients fresh or reuse chocolate for this recipe. (So long as the chocolate isn’t a ganache/filled chocolate.)


Originally, I posted the recipe in this Tea Tuesday video. I am still using KissMeOrganics in this recipe. I’m using a cross bones and skull ice cube tray for the mould, only because people keep saying chocolate will kill me.

I’ll go over it again here:

1) All you need really is three bars of any kind of chocolate. You can get more to make more. And it doesn’t have to be a flat bar. For this recipe, I used a Dark Chocolate Nougat Toblerone and it tastes delicious.

2) Cut down into pieces all chocolate. Pick which chocolate will be used as your ganache.

3) Fill a large bowl halfway with hot water and place a bowl of chocolate pieces in it. If the chocolate doesn’t melt fast, just reboil the water. It may have cooled down.

4) Stir until melted. Do this for all. If you’re using matcha, melt into the chocolate here. For the white chocolate matcha recipe, I put a tablespoon of matcha into the chocolate and stirred it in. For the dark chocolate recipe, I simply used a lavender bitter I bought from O5.

5) Warm up a cup of milk in a saucepan. Usually, I find a good ratio is 1:1 chocolate to milk. Some people add butter and other things — you can go online and find which recipe suits you. Instead of using all milk, I used half eggnog in the mix for the white chocolate matcha recipe.

6) Add the chocolate to the heated milk. Stir.

7) Let cool.

8) The base chocolate you now place into a shaped ice-cube tray. I used bones and skulls for this recipes. For the matcha ones, I spread dark chocolate. For the lavender dark chocolate, I spread milk chocolate. Put a fairly medium layer but do not fill up the ice cube tray slot. You need space for the ganache, but you need a thick chocolate surface for it to stay in if that makes sense.

9) Chill the base for 5-10minutes.

10) Take the base out and pour the ganache in. Chill for another 5-10minutes.

11) Pour the final coating of base ontop of the ice cube tray to seal the ganache in. Chill for 10 minutes.

12) Tada! Chocolates. I suggest not letting them get to room temperature and keeping them chilled if you can until they are served and eaten.