I noticed this cute little cafe across where I worked called Cafe Des Arts. It has everything – sandwiches, hot drinks, pho, soups, etc. I was drawn to coming inside because I had been suffering some food poisoning and needed some soup. I needed light enough soup because I was still in the in between of feeling sick at everything I eat and just being ravenously hungry underneathe.


The inside seemed nice and the staff were friendly. I got a chicken noodle soup which packed a lot in it, to my surprise opening it at my desk. Carrots, chicken, noodles, bits of bay leaf… and a strand of man hair. I honestly was enjoying it, the broth was really good… until that.

I contemplated continuing to eat, but… I stopped eating. I already have food poisoning. I don’t want it twice.


Maybe would give something else a shot. I’m too freaked out to eat their soups now.

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