Bump N Grind Cafe’s second location is now open on South Granville. The space is gorgeous with great wood accents.


Handcrafted coffee beans roasted across Canada are served up in perfect cups of coffee and espresso drinks. Coffees will rotate on a weekly basis so that you’ll always have an interesting cup of coffee. They also offer pour over coffees, aeropress and french press coffee.



And as much as I love their coffees here – can we talk about their baked goods for a second? All these are made in house and are simply to die for.


Some of my favourites include their shortbread cookie (what dreams are made of), Matcha Green Tea brownie (indulgent and delicious) and their Earl Grey shortbread (there are simply no words for my love of these two ingredients fused into one).



I visited the cafe a couple days after the event and it was great to see them busy. All their treats were just as amazing as the first time around and I especially enjoyed their mocha – not powdery/syrupy or too sweet – just perfect.


If you’re in the area, I highly recommend you check them out!

For more information, check out their website here: Bump N Grind Cafe

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