Located in the Mission District in San Francisco, Craftsman and Wolves is a contemporary patisserie that offers up visually and taste-bud stimulating pastries.


The absolute must was the Rebel Within – it may look like your ordinary breakfast muffin, but …WAIT FOR IT.


Yep, there’s a runny, beautiful yolk in the middle. It’s got asiago, sausage, green onion and this delicious soft cooked farm egg smack dab in the middle. How do they do this? Is this actual real life? These questions sauntered into my mind while my friend Lucy cut into it. In terms of taste, it’s moist, dense and quite hearty. This is a breakfast wrapped up in a muffin.


What I thought was really interesting looking was the Chocolate Croissant Stack – more of it’s design than anything. Unfortunately, we were running around the entire day eating, so I did not manage to try this!


There are so many interesting flavours fused together here, some that caught my eye were the thai scone (green curry, candied ginger, coconut), cocoa carrot muffin, blond chocolate ricotta tart, cocoa and apple ash and the pine, pineapple and lime cube cake. Love the creativity.


Craftsman and Wolves also serves up sandwiches, salads, soups and yes- wine and beer if you’re so inclined.

I’d definitely recommend checking out this fantastic spot in the Mission District!

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