I’ve FINALLY done it. I’ve finally tried the often raved about and mysterious hole in the wall that is LA Chicken. So, is it L.A. Chicken or la chicken? Not entirely sure but I’m going to stick with L.A. Chicken for fun.

LA Chicken-9904

If you’re imagining a glorious and chic place to grab some deep fried chicken – you’ll be uh…surprised. Think more so Churches chicken/hole in the wall and that is the vibe this place is going with. But really, did you want to know where your delicious, crispy fried chicken is being sold from? Probably not. You probably just want to bite into it’s crispy, not too greasy skin and it’s moist and tender juicy middle.

LA Chicken-9905

Yes, it is everything that everyone has been hyping up – it’s similar to Churches but with less grease. The fries were good, but the main event really was this chicken. I’d definitely come back again for some greasy goodness.

Food: mini4andahalfforks

Service: mini4forks

Value: mini3andahalfforks

Ambiance: mini1andahalfforks
(It’s a dive, you probably should take it to go)

OVERALL: 4forks
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