“Boudin! You must go to Boudin!” My dad, kept insisting prior to our trip, “Get the chowder in the sourdough bowl.”

As Brian and I were checking out Fisherman’s Wharf – you couldn’t miss the large BOUDIN sign. Boudin is definitely a local institution – starting with humble beginnings in a small bakery in San Francisco back in 1849. They are considered San Francisco’s oldest continuously running company. Now that is staying power.

We didn’t go to the bigger Boudin flagship location on the wharf, but now I regret it as there are demonstrations, a museum and bakery tour and even a marketplace.


But back to my experience – Brian and I were pretty hungry so we decided to have soup and half a sandwich which is about $9. You can also choose salad if that’s your thing.


I went with the clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl and the California Veggie sandwich (havarti, avocado, red peppers, cucumbers, lettuce, red onions, tomatoes, sundries tomato spread, balsamic vinaigrette in a multigrain baguette).


Um, I definitely underestimated the size of this meal. The bowl of chowder is massive and I felt kind of silly to have ordered a sandwich as well. But the chowder was nice, creamy and thick, had good portions of clam and potato and the bread held its own – not at all soggy ever. The bread is dense and moist, with just enough of a sour taste that even as I write this now, I’m craving for it.

They also have numerous amounts of breads – as that is their claim to fame – even super cute turtle and teddy bear shaped bread!

I would definitely recommend checking out Boudin when you’re in San Francisco, it is definitely a well established institution!

Check out their website here.

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