Can we talk my love of oysters for just a sec? I love them. Living on the West Coast means we get an abundance of different types, sizes and tastes of oysters. Living in British Columbia means we get specific types of local oysters and they are just marvellous. Now lets talk allergies. I’m allergic to shellfish. Well, I was. It seems that slowly over the years I must’ve built up tolerance enough that I can down at least half a dozen of these bad boys now. Don’t quote me on this, it might not work for you, but I was willing to take a risk.


Now back to Hog Island Oyster. Lucy took us here on our first day which served as a bit of a food tour – it’s located right in the Ferry Building literally at the waterfront. Hog Island Oysters are either raised on their local farms or purchased from small growers.

Since we were on a bit of a food trek, we only stopped for oysters. And they were all divine. I wish I had come back again to try their mussels and po boy sandwich, but …all the more reason to go back to San Fran, right?

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