I feel very privilege to have stayed in the Mission District in San Francisco – I’m sure that it might baffle my friends that live in Mission, but overall – my experience was one I will never forget. One of the places that my friends were eager to take me to was Loló. It is difficult to get reservations, but we managed to snag one during one of the evenings we were there.


Loló is family owned and serves up unique twists to Mexican cuisine. The space is a colourful splash of eccentricity and the food. My god the food. The food is served tapas style, so you gotta share!

Here’s what we had:


Kale Salad – gaja apples, caramelized pecans, cotija cheese, roasted garlic shallots and lime vinaigrette. A flavour explosion in my mouth! Sweet, tart, savoury and crunchy – what a beautiful mixture of bright flavours.


Ceviche – shrimp and rock fish citrus roasted pepper sauce, avocado and salted peppercorns. Good ceviche in Vancouver is hard to find – I’m assuming it’s less of a chore in California, but I would have to say this was a great ceviche.


Fried Brussel Sprouts – shallots, hazelnuts, late harvest zinfandel vinaigrette. The only way I’ll eat brussel sprouts would have to be fried. And I am perfectly ok with eating these sprouts all day, every day. It wasn’t too salty but had a nice slightly sweet taste to it.


Lamb Sliders – on a brioche bun and porcini mushroom sauce. Not the strongest of the foods we ordered, but good in itself – very tender and moist.


Mediterranean Cheese Fondue – Oaxaca cheese, spicy tomato sauce and seasonal mushrooms. I’ve never met a cheese and mushroom dish I didn’t enjoy.


Tuna Tacon – seared albacore tuna shellfish aioli, avocado, roasted tomatillo sauce on the side. Again, not one of the strongest foods we ordered, but still quite good. It’s a nice fusion.



Our drinks were fantastic, they packed quite a punch!

Even just reviewing the food I ate makes me miss this place so much – I wish I could be back in San Fran dining on their delicious eats right now. Put this on your list of places to try out!

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Check out their website and menu here.

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