One of my favourite places in the city for Mexican is Sal Y Limon. Their tacos and burritos are my favourite – but they also serve tortas, sopes and quesadillas.

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My favourite flavours are their carne asada, chorizo and cordero al cilantro (lamb). But really, I haven’t met a taco from Sal Y Limon that didn’t agree with me.

salylimon-7954 salylimon-7957

They have a salsa bar that goes from mild to scorch your face off hot, which is perfect for me (I fall between the medium and scorch your face off hot range).


They also offer horchata (cinnamon milk), aqua fresca (changes all the time) and even Mexican Coca-Cola (sweetened with cane sugar). I’m not a big expert on what ‘authentic Mexican’ food would be – but I’d imagine this is one of the closest we’ll get here in Vancouver.

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Check out their website and menu here.

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