On a recent rainy evening, Brian’s friends invited us out for a quick and cheap meal on Victoria Drive. Brian’s friend who did the inviting was trying to find a place/type of food that I might not have had yet to introduce me to it – how thoughtful! But yes, I have had claypot rice before. I applauded him for his effort though!


This evening, I ordered lemongrass chicken. While the chicken was tender and slathered in lemongrass, I found the dish to be a little underwhelming. I think it was mostly the rice which yes, when in a claypot becomes crispy – but I think my rice was a little overcooked (soft) and then added to the claypot which made it mold together.


The dish also came with a soup and some wakame (seaweed) salad.

Perhaps it was an off night or maybe I just ordered the wrong dish, but I didn’t think much of my dish – maybe another visit is in order to try something different.

Food: mini2forks

Service: mini3forks

Value: mini3forks

Ambiance: mini3forks

OVERALL: 2andahalfforks

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