Mount Pleasant’s Fox Cabaret launched a neighbourhood cocktail bar in the former cinema’s Projection Room. The food and beverage program is designed by Chris Hesje, Emiliano Rivera, and Ernesto Gomez and draws upon the tradition of the movie theatre snack counter. The bite size menu perfectly complements an assortment of both traditional and innovative cocktails.



“Our vision was always to create a permanent home for independent culture in Mount Pleasant, and for over a year now, the venue has been showcasing great music, art, performance, and entertainment on a night-to-night basis,” says co-owner Ernesto Gomez. “Opening The Projection Room will now give people a great reason to drop in anytime to enjoy great bar snacks and cocktails seven nights a week.”


I’m super excited for this location because I’m collecting a list of watering holes where you can get snacks and cocktails. I loved this easy living culture in Europe as I travelled – you don’t have to pay much for food, but can have a lighter fare and drink while you hang out with friends. I know other locations in town do this, but the Projection Room has made it to this list of hang out spots for me. I was invited to their opening party and enjoyed their signature cocktails. They range from $11-14 and their snacks are in the $2-5 range. I’m often in this neighborhood, and wouldn’t mind a quick drink in the area. Above is the Gin + House Tonic, which is juniper green gin (good choice), house caraway tonic syrup, fresh lime club soda. Below are the Le Baron and Death at Midnight. The Baron is cognac, Palomino with 49th Parallel Cold Brew Syrup. It was perfect for me: not too sweet, the bitter of the cold brew syrup biting through the sweet elements. The Death at Midnight is Taboo Absinthe, Champagne, California Poppy Extract. It is one of the few drinks I’ve tried where the Absinthe is not too overwhelming. I’m never too keen on that licorice taste, but the poppy helps.


Below is the Forbidden Kava Kava. It has Havan Club 3 year, Cachaca, Lemon and Pineapple, Kava Grenadine. Sweet and citrusy, I can imagine myself drinking lots of these in the summer.


They have plenty of snacks, but here’s a picture of two. The first is the Sugar Coated Tamarind Pearls ($2). Or one in my picture’s case. I’m Asian so it hits me in the feels. It’s a slow chew but it’s good to clean the palate up of alcohol.


Below is the Gin Pepperoni Stick with Mustard Pickles. I wish I had a pile of this, the pickles especially.


There is a lot more snacks: Roasted Japanese Styled Peanuts, House Pickled Vegetables, Marinated Mixed Olives, Parsnip Chips with Lime Mayo, Jicama Taco with Jerky, Pork Cracklings and Cheeses of the Week.
IMG_6246And there’s also music! This intimate cocktail and snack bar is upstairs at 2321 Main Street. Located in what was once the projection booth of the notorious Fox Cinema (North America’s last 35mm adult movie house), the bar will be open 7 days a week from 5pm serving a playful selection of food and drink. This officially completes the launch of the Fox as a multi-room venue operating as both a performance space and a neighbourhood bar.