Last week I was invited to a Catelli cooking demonstration with Chef Lynn Crawford as our guide. You may know her from Food Network’s Pitchin In or Chopped Canada. If you don’t know her – get to know her, she’s hilarious. Whenever I meet a chef in real life it’s always a welcoming surprise that they are exactly like who they are on TV!


Catelli has recently released a new all-natural healthy harvest ancient grains pasta line. The pasta is made with 100% Canadian whole wheat with five different ancient grains: quinoa, teff, amaranth, millet and sorghum (which are all very rich in nutrients). The result is delicious pasta that doesn’t taste too starchy or bland like your typical whole wheat pastas.


Rest assure that they are also all natural, with no preservatives and are GMO free certified and non-GMO products verified. It’s perfect because it’s low in fat and has no sodium or transfat. It also contains 75% of your daily recommended whole-grain servings.Right now, you can get these products as spaghetti, spaghettini and rotini.

Check out my Youtube video:


During the event we watched Chef Lynn Crawford demonstrate how to make a delicious pasta salad. It was then our turn to try and make it ourselves in the kitchen of the Pacific Institute Culinary Arts. I had a lot of fun chopping up vegetables and kind of just eyeballing how to make the dressing for the salad. I plated mine and I’m really proud of my creation!


And for all my lucky Gastrofork readers, I am teaming up with Catelli to offer an amazing giveaway opportunity! It might be the biggest prize I’ve had to date, you could win a year-supply of Catelli Healthy Harvest Ancient Grains pasta!

Follow the details below to enter! I will be choosing a winner at random on April 7, 2015. UPDATE: Congratulations Jenn! Thank you all for entering and supporting Gastrofork, we will be running another contest soon!
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