Last night, Gastrofork was invited to a tasting of Mancakes’ new cupcake flavour, some healthy treats and their chocolate covered bacon. Let’s get to the bacon, which has a couple of flavours: porter beer candied bacon with chocolate and peanuts. There’s a candied chipotle bacon in chocolate. The last is the Deathwish coffee candied bacon. Below is a sample of the fabled bacon.



Depicted below is their new dunker, which is part of their healthier fair. I have a blurry picture of the energy ball that’s part of a booster pack for $4.45.  The dunker was had a spiced after taste, and the energy ball was more fruity and sweet.


IMG_6116The new cupcake flavor is Guinness for Strength Cupcake. It is a chocolate cupcake with Guinness inside. It has a white chocolate potato cream filling, which was buttery and not too sweet. The top is beer marshmallow frosting with crystal malt and barley ontop. I had to save half for Josh, who absolutely loves Guinness. The hosts were nice enough to give me another one and Josh ate it within seconds when I brought it home!

A big thanks to Mancakes for inviting us to their tasting party. You can see their news segment on Global here: