Is it sushi? Is it a burrito? It’s both! Well technically, you could say it’s one big sushi roll that hasn’t been cut into sushi? I heard about Sushiritto a little while before I headed down to San Francisco, but when I mentioned it to a couple friends here they were put off with the idea of a gigantic sushi roll. Which is understandable to some sushi purists, but Sushiritto isn’t for them.


While the concept is simple, the fusion hasn’t been done to this level of mainstream appreciation until now.

What I liked about my Sushiritto is that contrary to what I thought prior to entering the busy shop – it isn’t 80% rice like I thought it would be. No, it was actually a fair portion of ingredients stuffing this delightful roll to maximum stomach happiness.


The flavour is nice, mild and with a bit of crunch because of the roll I went with which was the Geisha’s Kiss (yellowfin tuna, tamago, piquillo peppers, yuzu tobiko, lotus chips, Namasu cucumber, butter lettuce, avocado and sesame white soya). It is definitely filling, so one sushi burrito is good to fill you up for lunch.

They have other interesting flavours like Sumo Crunch (shrimp tempura, crab), Porkivore (oven roasted pork belly), Caballero (sake-asada beef, kimichurri sauce), Mayan Dragon (chicken katsu, purple peruvian potatoes) and several more on their menu.

If you pass by a Sushiritto (and trust me, they’re hard to miss with that lineup!) – give it a try for a delicious, quick lunch (or in our case, a snack!).

Check out their website and menu here.


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