If it’s your first time (or even your tenth time) to Maui, there are just some spots that can’t be missed. While most people go to unwind and relax, there are some truly interesting points of interest around Maui that may be a trek but are worth your efforts. While I’m no adventurer that can hike up a mountain, I do enjoy a beautiful view and immersing myself in the culture in my destination. So, if you’re anything like me, you might find this list helpful on your next travels to Maui! Aloha!


1) Yee’s Orchard & Fruit Stand
I love this little fruit stand. They sell Golden Glow mangoes which are the best mangoes in the world. They’re sweet and meaty. It’s best to go earlier in your trip, as they usually sell the mangoes before they’re ripe (you’ll need a couple days to let them ripen). You could also go with their mango jam which is the best mango jam I’ve had by far. It might be difficult to find but this is the approximate address to it: 1165 S Kihei Rd, Kihei, HI 96753


2) Farmers Markets
The best place to get local fruits and vegetables would be at a Farmers Market. There are a handful on the island and all of them have varying times and dates that they are open, so make sure you have a look before you head out.


3) Snorkelling at Molokini (and turtles!)
There are plenty of snorkelling tours, but the one we went with is the Pacific Whale Foundation Snorkelling at Molokini. I felt like it made the most sense to go with a conservation organization. They take you to the middle of the ocean, right next to Molokini – this crescent shaped island and then to Turtle Arches where you will definitely spot a couple of turtles! You’ll get detailed instructions on how to use your gear and the staff is quite pleasant and laidback. Overall it was a great experience for our group.


4) Road to Hana
This is an entire day trip, so leave early and be prepared! By prepared, I mean…if you can drive this road, you can drive any road on the planet. There are plenty of hairpin turns and one way stop points. Sometimes during these stop points, you cant even see if a car is incoming. Mix that with cliffs and drivers that are a thousand times braver than myself, willing to overtake you on such a narrow road and you’ve got the full Road to Hana experience. Also, the road has a lot of curves and turns, so if you’re prone to getting motion sick (I am to a certain point) – pop a gravol and bring salty snacks to keep you going. I’m not trying to put you off, I think it’s a great challenge and …hey I’m still standing! You’ll be spending at least 6 hours on this road, so again, come prepared. Bring snacks and water because there aren’t many stops along the way.

There is no one way to describe the beauty that is on this journey. It is simply jawdropping and remarkable …so much so that no picture can truly do it justice, it’s just something you have to see with your own eyes!

Some noteable points on the Road to Hana: Bamboo forest (you’ll have to hike to it about 1-2 hours and at one point on the hike, you’ll have to go through a river/stream that isn’t too deep), Red Sand Beach, Black Sand Beach/Lava tubes, multiple waterfalls you can stop the car nearby and go into or take photos.


5) Sunrise/Sunset at Haleakala Crater
The perfect place to watch the sunrise/sunset. If you go to watch the sunrise, layer up (it may sound like a joke having to wear winter gear in Maui, but it’s no joke. I was wearing yoga pants, a long shirt and a windbreaker and I was freezing! Bring at least a sweater, hat and mild winter jacket). I’d suggest getting there around 3am so you get a good spot to watch the sunrise. You can also watch the sunset as well!