I realized I never blogged about this new bakery in Yaletown. Bake My Day is a European bakery that opened up along Beatty Street. I came here on Macaron Day to get macarons and found myself coming back for them. I also have had breakfast, quickly grabbing croissants and a coffee. I have never tried their quiches and savoury foods. I usually have gone for their cakes. And of course, I’ve eaten it all before I could take a picture. This place is that good. Not many places make me forget entirely to take a picture and just eat.

Today I ordered a 6″ cake for $34, which was made fresh and topped with fruit! It was a Pasuwa cake, their in house special. How I describe this cake is its a lighter mousse with a denser cake base.

IMG_6809 copy IMG_6817 copy

Fatima was very friendly and helpful. I put in the order around 130-2pm and it was ready for me at 5:00. She also texted me, which was really helpful! This month is birthday month, so I may be back for another cake. After our dinner at PinPin, there was only a slice left and many family members wondering where I had gotten the cake. My father backpacked in Europe just like I did; we both do not like overly sweet cakes, but cakes that are subtly sweet and rich in other flavours which are common at every bäckerei there. He also watches his sugar. But he couldn’t help himself to a good portion of this cake. It was both light from the mousse and the base gave it the cake its richness, the fruit a little sparkle of sweetness and tartness. I’d say it was a good choice and if I’m not back, one of my family members will be.