A new izakaya place named Black Rice opened near our work, which is by Stadium. They offer aburi and other pan seared items for a reasonable price. We were very impressed by the quality of the food delivered and speed of service.

IMG_6401 copy

Josh and I packed our lunches all week so we were super excited for this.IMG_6407 copy

This is one of their lunch plates above. It comes with Salmon aburi sushi and aburi sashimi. Their tofu was like a little donut. Their meat balls were hearty. Everything on this plate was wonderful.IMG_6410 copyI had an Ebi and Ika (prawn and squid) Hako Sushi. It was nice and crispy at the top and creamy beneath it, and fell apart easily in my mouth. It was delicious. We will be back. I very rarely give this score, but: 5/5
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