I’ve never had aspirations of being a bartender, but I’ve always wanted to learn the nuances of serving a great cocktail – it’s anatomy and the basics of preparing. I’ve had so many beautiful and inspiring cocktails around the city, that it made me interested in mixing flavours right at home.


Cue SocialShopper and their partnership with Fine Art Bartending School. As much as I wanted to hone my skills, I didn’t want to commit to a course that would take several weeks to complete. Their day class is perfect for those who want an introduction.


Our instructor for the day was Jeremy. Not only was he extremely well versed in all things to do with alcohol, he was frank and funny, keeping us all entertained throughout the entire class. The class itself is quite laid-back and for the most part, you get a hands-on experience.

Without spoiling too much, Jeremy introduced us to different bar equipment, methods of mixing and great recommendations on different products.

The class is split into four sections – building on ice, stir and shake, strain and shake and pour drinks.

We also touched on different spirits, a brief history and what to look for when purchasing spirits. Jeremy gave us some recommendations of what he prefers when he’s mixing.


If you were wondering whether you’re going to get drunk creating all these drinks at the seminar, no worries. All the bottles that you mix with are filled with coloured water. However, you do get to try a couple drinks as Jeremy will make some for you to try.

It’s best to take this course with another person, otherwise you will be paired up with another classmate, which is not necessarily a bad thing! The course is intimate, I had 7 people in my class including myself.

Overall, I had a fantastic time and a great experience at Fine Art Bartending. I would definitely recommend checking it out (especially with the SocialShopper deal because it is the best bang for your buck). Keep in mind that this is a intro class where you learn the basics, but it’s perfect, especially for myself as I probably won’t get into bartending but the skills I’ve learned have given me a proper understanding and respect for quality cocktails.

The recommendations and different histories was something I found very valuable about taking this intro class. By the end of the course all I wanted to do was run out and buy a whole bunch of different glassware and start building my own bar at home!

To learn more about Fine Art Bartending, visit their website here and get SocialShopper’s Deal while you still can.

Please Note that I was invited by SocialShopper to check out this deal, my class was paid for but all opinions are my own.