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Do you want a Filipino fiesta for your engagement (or any type) party? We had embutido, pancit bihon, adobo, turkey and mashed potatoes. A cheese plate was also served with Granville Island Market delights. The photos of the food are by Dee, the photos of the cheese plate are by me!photo 2

These recipes are quick and easy:


For the cheese plate, I got a few special cheese from Oyama Sausage from Granville Island. I got Tzatziki cheese, which is to the bottom left. It ended up being subtly tart but delicious to go with the heavier chorizo I got from Oyama as well. I got the Guinness cheese (the dark brown spotty one above the Tzatziki cheese) which was smoky and bold. I went to Dusos (also in Granville Island Market) and got all the crackers you see and the olives and stuffed Jalapenos. The rest, I actually got from Costco. Don’t head straight for the trays at Costco: in the packaged meat area they have some nice medleys. Same with the pre-sliced cheese – for a mix of cheddar, swiss, gouda and Monterrey Jack, the “less fancy” cheese/meat actually finished out faster than our fancier fare. We paired it with all sorts of drinks. I also had honey from the Fraser Valley Honey kiosk from the Island, and I put out Josh’s black truffle oil from Italy.

We had white and red wine and all spirits on hand. I made Spritz, which was the drink of the night. It was the drink of choice when Josh and I went to Italy, and we celebrated our engagement there with a glass of Spritz.

There’s multiple ways to make Spritz, but the 1:1:1 ratio worked best for me. It’s Aperol:Prosecco:Sparkling Water (1:1:1) with a slice of lemon. I chose the bitter Aperol instead of a sweet option, because I don’t like overwhelmingly sweet cocktails.
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Another hit for dessert was the Leche Flan. We had cupcakes and cakes which Selma made and Dee brought, but we didn’t snap a picture!photo 3And best of all, our embutido and spring rolls went out fast. I feel though this was an ethnic themed dinner, most of my friends loved the dishes. My Latin American friend loved the Adobo, I found the Asians/Filipinos felt home with most of the dishes and all the others liked most things, but the spring rolls were universally loved by them so we had to make several batches until we just straight up ran out. (We made around 100+) Filipino food is delicious and can be easily made! Give it a try.

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