VANEATS is back with it’s Spring Fling package, highlighting the best from Mosaic. The restaurant (if you haven’t been) is located in the Hyatt Vancouver on Burrard on it’s second level. I’d say the food here is really underrated – and this is the perfect time to do so.

Please note that I was invited by VANEATS to review this package, my meal was paid for by the Hyatt, but all opinions are my own.

The Spring Fling package is $27 and includes:

A. Your choice of appy:

• “Earth Apple Farms Mixed Kale”, radishes, garlic scape dressing
• “White Asparagus Bisque”, parmesan lavash

B. Your choice of entree:

• “Braised Maple Ridge Farm Veal Cheeks with Stinging Nettle Pasta”, asparagus tips, morel cream sauce
• “BC Bouillabaisse with Spring Salmon”, salt spring mussels, manila clams, sugar snap pea, charred scallion, fennel, new potatoes
• “Green Garlic Quinoa Risotto”, fiddlehead ferns, fava beans, green peas, watercress

C. Your choice of dessert:

• “Maple Espresso Creme Brulee”, dark chocolate bark
• “MOSAIC’s Signature Triple Layer Cake”, fresh berries

On this particular excursion, I went with my favourite dining friends, Diana (Foodology) and Amy (Food Queen) as we always seem to be there at the same time anyway!

We started off with both the Earth Apple Farms Mixed Kale and White Asparagus Bisque.


The Earth Apple Farms Mixed Kale was nice and not too punchy in terms of flavours, very low key. It’s a nice way to start off your meal.


Asparagus has never really been my favourite vegetable, but it’s quite enjoyable in this white asparagus bisque, served with parmesan lavash. On a cooler day, this is the perfect starter. It’s heavy and dense without it’s flavours being very subtle.

We had each of the entrees, Veal Cheeks, Bouillabaisse and the Green Garlic Quinoa Risotto.


The BC Bouillabaisse with Spring Salmon, Salt Spring mussels, manila clams, sugar snap peas, charred scallion, fennel and potatoes. What a lovely dish! If there was a dish that showcased the delicious bounty of BC, this would be it.


The broth was a nice thick accompaniment to the seafood and paired perfectly with it in terms of taste. The salmon was cooked perfectly (as always!) – being meaty, tender and juicy in the middle.


The Braised Maple Ridge Farm Veal Cheeks was served with stinging nettle pasta, asparagus tips and a morel cream sauce. I am a huge fan of pasta and this was definitely one of the highlights of the evening. The braised veal cheeks were extremely tender that went well with the cream sauce, but was perfectly fine on it’s own.


Our last entree was the Green Garlic Quinoa Risotto (the vegetarian option) served with fiddlehead ferns, fava beans, green peas and watercress. The way the quinoa was prepared in this dish elevated quinoa to a whole other level for me. It was savoury and enough to keep you super satisfied. Although this is a vegetarian dish, if you were not a vegetarian and wanted to order this dish, I’d suggest pairing it with some protein.

Finally, the desserts! The two options are Maple Espresso Creme Brulee and Mosaic’s Signature Triple Layer Cake.


Mosaic’s triple layer cake is usually served in a bigger portion if it’s your birthday – it’s actually kind of ridiculous how big this cake gets. I personally think that this slice is the perfect portion, but if you really want to wow someone on their birthday, I’d suggest checking it out (and sharing…and probably taking most of it home). Fudgey and chocolatey, it’s all you could ever ask for in a chocolate cake. You may need a glass of milk with this one!


The Maple Espresso Creme Brulee was served with a dark chocolate bark. The creme brulee was nice and had a great coffee taste to it. Creme brulee is always delicious so I don’t have anything bad to say about it!

For more info, check out VANEATs x Mosaic’s Spring Fling on the website here.