The weather has been nicer! Do you find yourself stuck in an office or have little time to leave the city?

1. Geocaching


Geocaching is finding little beacons around the city where people sign pieces of paper, leave trinkets and notes behind in either boxes or small pouches. Sometimes it can just be a tiny object to find. One of my very first geocaches was finding a piece of recycled metal in Yaletown, learning about how the neighborhood came to be. Another led me to a bunch of planks that make noises when you stand on a boardwalk near Pacific Boulevard. If you download the free app on your phone, there are dozens of caches in Vancouver. (To unlock more you do have to pay $11.99 for a 3 month subscription, but all the basic caches I find are good enough for city dwellers.)

2. Free Salsa on Robson Every Sunday

If you know me, I love to dance and I’ve attended Dancey Ballroom in the past. The same instructors there give a free class at the Robson Skating Rink every Sunday at 3pm. Sunday Afternoon Salsa at Robson Square is an annual series of FREE, outdoor salsa dances held at Robson Square in downtown Vancouver during the summer months of July and August. 

The 2015 Sunday Afternoon Salsa season runs for nine Sundays:
July 5, 12, 19, 26
August 2, 9, 16, 22, 30

3. Photo Hunts


There are plenty photo-a-days online. But say you just want to wander anywhere in city, try a couple that aren’t subject based, but site specific:

-Try to take 100 pictures of the same place, or same object
-Try to take a picture every 25 steps you take
-Each day take 10 pictures of each area you’re in. Even if it’s the same place, try to take a different picture
-Try to get six friends/acquaintances to take a picture of you instead of a selfie
-Take a picture of yourself everyday, but in an unusual way. (see: this girl)
-For a challenge, try to take a picture of a stranger or someone’s pet 100 times.

4. Volunteer for a Film Festival, Street Day or Nerd Fest
It’s a good way to meet people and to also catch a film you’ve never seen before. In the summer, there is The Queer Film Festival, the Italian Film Festival and more. Speaking of Italian Film Festival, you could volunteer for street parties like Italian Day on Commercial Drive, Car Free Day, etc. Or just go there and have fun of course!

If you catch my post in time for the weekend, there is also the Northwest Fan Fest going on this weekend. The Vancouver Comic Arts Festival happens this weekend and it’s free. Go support the fandom of the nerdiest kind, I will be there. If you’re fabulous, check out IMATS at the end of May, a makeup exhibition. It does cost a bit of money to go.

5. Join the Free Events Facebook Event!
It has more than Vancouver listings. Check them out here.