One of the main reasons Nathalie and I wanted to start this series is because oftentimes, she and I encounter incredibly passionate and remarkable chefs, bakers and owners in our eating adventures.

One of the most interesting has got to be this sushi spot in Port Coquitlam. Sushi K Kamizato came highly rated by our friend, Amy and so we made the trek out to try it.

Walking into Sushi K Kamizato is like a breath of fresh air – although it’s set up as any sushi restaurant would be, the walls are covered in heavy metal bands posters, guitars and endless photos. Keith, owner and chef was once in a metal band playing bass. While those days may be over, his love for that world and his love for food has mixed perfectly in this little space. Keith’s creations are inspired by his favourite songs and what he’d like to see become popular in the Japanese dining space. He balances flavours and creates a delicious and visually stunning dishes.


Keith uses fish from the well known Tsukiji fish market in Japan, often buying fish that you may have never heard of here in Vancouver. He takes the time to taste each fish and decide how to pair and introduce the fish to his patrons.

Although Sushi K Kamizato is known for it’s delicious seared rolls, we suggest if you’re feeling a little more adventurous to try his Omakase menu (which you must order in advance).

Check out his interview below and be sure to visit Sushi K Kamizato very soon!