Richmond sure has some great eats. While it feels like no matter how many times I visit I rarely make a dent in my long list of places to try in Richmond, I always have favourites and recommendations to those experiencing Richmond for the first time.

Here, in no particular order is My Top 10 Eats in Richmond that I love:

1) Coco Hut
This small restaurant makes one of the best Haianese chickens I’ve experienced in my thirty years of life.


What I especially love is how they serve it boneless when you order the combo! Perfect for those who cannot wield the mighty chopsticks to maneuver around bones – like myself.

2) Richmond Night Market
This may not be a restaurant, but it doesn’t even matter. Every year I get excited for the markets opening. It’s a great place to try different food, have a culinary adventure for dinner and … buy super cute socks?


There are some items I gravitate to every time I visit – including red bean cake shaped in a fish, giant takoyaki balls and obviously the pure joy of having dim sum for dinner. There are always new stalls that show up every year and there is always something new to try.

3) LA Chicken
I love fried chicken. I especially love tender, juicy chicken inside, crispy breading on the outside. LA Chicken is all of this with much less grease.


I also find the batter more crispier than Churchs Chicken. It’s a bit of a dive, but most delicious fried chicken places are.

4) Dinesty
Dinesty is your go to for Shanghai food. Particularly Shanghai style dim sum. Their XLBs (xiao long baos) are one of the best in Vancouver.


Originally, there was only one Dinesty restaurant but they have expanded in the recent years to Robson and a couple places in Richmond.

5) HK BBQ Master
Another great eat is HK BBQ Master. It’s located randomly underneath the Superstore in Richmond, but this tiny little shop dishes out the best char siu I’ve had on this side of the continent.


The roasted pork is also pretty good too. If you’re looking for a meal under $10 that will fill you up and satisfy you, HK BBQ Master is the place to go.

6) Mango Yummy
Mango Yummy started off as a very busy Night Market stall – it’s great to see them shift into a brick and mortar store that’s right across Richmond Center. Not going to lie, this is the best place I’ve ever had Mango Slush. So much so that I’ve been back here 2-3 times in one week and I don’t even live close enough to Richmond to use it as an excuse.


I think the secret is to let the mango ripen until it’s sweet and then use it in their drinks – but their slush in particular is quite tasty and almost mango ’meaty’ tasting.

7) Sunway
Another small restaurant in the corner of a plaza, you might just walk past it. Sunway serves Taiwanese food like delicious popcorn chicken (they fry with basil which really adds to the flavour of the dish).


But what drew me here was the lure of Dead Man’s Coffin – as morbid as it sounds, it’s a very delicious dish. It’s a creamy seafood soup served in deep fried bread. I’m a sucker for fried food, so this is probably why I love it here so much.

8) Man Ri Sung
This restaurant was introduced to me by my sister in law Lily. The best thing to do is order their set menu which includes Korean pancakes, dumplings, a hot pot with delicious items all for a super affordable price that leaves you so full.


You know a place is legitimate when the place is always packed!

9) Hog Shack Cook House
It’s difficult to find good barbecue here in Vancouver, it just seems there isn’t any place that does it exceptionally well. While I know there are many different types of barbecue from your Texas to your Carolina, it seems Vancouver falls flat when it comes to barbecue (but hey, it’s not our fault – our weather makes it real hard to hone our craft). However, if there’s one place I would recommend to people looking for the best barbecue in Vancouver, I happily point them to Hog Shack.


Hog Shack is worth the drive to Steveston. One of my favourite things to order thats not on the menu is their Burnt Ends which are crispy on the outside but is so tender on the inside.

10) Shabu Shabu
I like hot pot. There I said it. But it’s really difficult because Brian doesn’t like hot pot and I’m not entirely sure why that is but for some reason he loves this place. I love this place because hot pot can be really expensive but this place offers a set menu that starts at just $14.


That includes a drink, dessert and your hot pot meal. I’m always so full eating here at Shabu Shabu! But again, they are always busy – make sure to make a reservation in advance.

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