Have you ever wondered about this bright red barn whenever you’re on your way to Seattle?


Liane and I got to cure our curiosity the other day.


Cedardale Orchard has a self-serve cider store that goes by the honour system. A gallon (4 litres) will run you $6, 1/2 gallon is $4 and they also have drinks that are $2 but there were none when we arrived. You simply grab whichever you want and pay by depositing your cash or cheque into this red box at the entrance.



We’ve already cracked open our apple cider to try and it is delicious and refreshing! I was a little on the skeptical side since it seemed pretty shady to buy apple cider unattended, but let me assure you that the caps are on tight and I am enjoying a nice glass of apple cider right now as I write my post!


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