International Summer Night Market 2015

One of the biggest events I look forward to during the summer months in Vancouver are definitely the night markets. I remember the days when the ‘night market’ was one row in the Lansdowne parking lot and I would buy cute pencils, pens and stationary for school.

IMG_7600 copyAll photography done by Nathalie de los Santos

Now they’ve grown massively in size and numbers – there are several within Vancouver and Richmond. One of the very first ones I remember visiting was the International Night Market closest to Ikea.

IMG_7575 copy

While the space may be smaller, they still offer an interesting array of stationary, socks, toys and household items. Although it’s fun to check out these stalls, for the most part, my main objective at the night markets is the food.

Disclaimer: Please note that I was invited by Chinesebites to review the International Night Market and my meals were paid for, all opinions are my own.

IMG_7580 copy

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The International Night Market has two rows of food vendors with favourites like curry balls, hurricane potatoes and dim sum. Although the hurricane potatoes are super popular, you should check out the zucchini and sweet yam versions which are just as delicious – if not better than potato! I remember seeing taro at the Toronto Night Market last year, I hope one day it’ll come here because I think it’d be a great addition!

There are some interesting stands I came across – one was Sugar Twist – they make beautiful shapes out of their cotton candy.

IMG_7653 copy

Another must have when you’re at the night market is the corn.

IMG_7661 copy

Roasted fresh and served hot, I suggest adding Lemon Pepper because with the butter, it’s just amazing.

One unique stall that stood out was the Yuja Ade stand. Yuja is Korean marmalade, I was told that they serve it with hot water, but since it’s the summer time – they serve it with crushed ice and water. It’s definitely different and something worth checking out!

And if you’re feeling a little like this post is TLDR, this is for you:

What to try at the night market:
IMG_7672 copy1) Yuja Ade (Sweet Korean marmalade)

IMG_7580 copy

2) Zucchini Hurricane Potato

IMG_7613 copy3) Takoyaki

IMG_7621 copy4) F-Cake – Red Bean Fish Cake with Ice Cream

IMG_7661 copy

5) Roasted Corn with Lemon Pepper

For more information on the International Night Market, check out their website here:

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