Since my recent temporary move, I’ve been able to explore Richmond more frequently. Today’s adventure is to Sugarholic Cafe, a newly opened spot in Aberdeen on the main floor, near Daiso. This cafe was once an Italian restaurant and another cafe prior to it’s current owners.


While Sugarholic serves meals, with a name like that, you need to go with their desserts. They offer box toasts and cakes, but to get the best deal try out their 4 desserts + tea for $12. That’s what we did that afternoon!


You have an assortment of tea to choose from – Liane chose the Hawaii-Cocktail and I ordered the passionfruit and mango tea. I really enjoyed Liane’s tea – it was fruity and refreshing. I found mine a bit over powering, I think either there was too much tea leaves added or the hot water burnt the leaves to leave a bitter after taste.


For my desserts, I chose their chocolate cake, passionfruit cake, Japanese cheesecake and mango and coconut dessert. Although I have a huge sweet tooth, I really appreciate the subtleties in Chinese desserts. They are not super decadent or heavy, but very enjoyable and flavourful. I really enjoyed the spongey passionfruit cake. The Japanese cheesecake is soft and almost spongey as well, but when you sip it with tea, it melts beautifully in your mouth – similar to it’s Western version.

Food: 3/5

Service: 3/5

Value: 3.5/5

Ambiance: 3.5/5

OVERALL: 2015fork2015fork2015fork2015halffork2015emptyfork

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