Did you know the UK has a RV that is a Breaking Bad Diner? It’s only on for three months from July 24. Read more here. Coca-Cola is urging FIFA to undergo an immediate, independent reform process led by an external figure. Coca-Cola may consider to walk away from FIFA if its requests are not met. Read here. In North America, New York’s fast food workers may have their minimum wage increased to $15/hr. The governor writes that because fast food wages are so low, it costs the state $700 million a year in public assistance. And in classic odd ball news, a bear went into a food coma after eating dog food in Florida.

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Across the globe in Yemen, the first UN food aids arrives in Aden. The civilians have been suffering the intense fighting continues.

What does Soylent green invoke in your mind? Flesh? Or the future of food? Or the end of food? Rhinehart creates a drink that contains all our essential nutrients and creates a power drink that could change how we eat. In this story piece, follow the creation and creators surrounding Soylent.

The last bits of news are more light hearted. Are you pregnant? Have you heard varying things about what to eat? You’re not alone.

Kay Parke, Chessington, UK: My wife was advised that raw fruit, crab meat, or any of a few other things would cause a stillbirth. Here in China, there was also plenty of advice about what to eat after delivery, including but not limited to: thin soups made with pigs’ trotters, or pork chop cuts, or fish, or “silkie” chicken, or soybeans would all “bring the milk down”; pig’s liver, swallow’s saliva, donkey hide gelatin, and Job’s tears were all good for “replenishing”; everything else had to be cooked with castor oil instead of the usual rapeseed, corn, or peanut oil. Tasted pretty good.

See all the interesting reader comments at the bottom of BBC’s “The myths about food and pregnancy”.

Think this works? “The technology is called superchilling, and it lies somewhere between freezing the fish and cooling it down. Now it is about to provide useful help to ecological food producers.This method of conserving food was developed in order to maintain fresh food quality over a long period of time, thus reducing the amount of food that ends up in the bin rather than in our stomachs.”  Read more here.

Lastly, I present this video about bacon flavoured seaweed…