11249718_110851879252478_1806638131_nHorseback Riding

Location: Golden Ears.
Price: $69 for two people.
$135 for four people.

Groupon is having a deal on horseback riding
. I got this deal with friends. The offer is from Equutrails. The cool part about Equutrails is they have rescue horses. They’re older horses that can live out their lives instead of being put down. So while you’re riding and learning how to ride a horse, you’re also helping them out. It gets booked up fast, so be prepared for it to be packed for a couple weeks before you get a spot. The lady who led the class was really helpful. I haven’t rode a horse before besides like PNE where they’re going in circles. I was feeling nervous, but her directness and clarity helped me enjoy the entire experience. 11010287_10153665477471756_7501273942316324136_n

Houseboating at Shuswap Lake
Location: Shuswap Lake (BC)
Price: We paid ~$500 (including food/boat/etc) per person for a 20 person group. See website for details.

This is the funnest thing I’ve done in a while with all my friends. My friends go every year and this was the first year of me joining them. I don’t know how to swim but I was able to do lots. I learnt how to paddle board while sitting (I don’t know how to swim and always am nervous, so this was a big deal!). We light painted in the woods. I went star gazing uptop. I watched friends dance away ontop of the boat. We made meals together and talked about everything. When I needed to get away from people, I sat in my bunk and read my heart out. I was tempted to go geocaching, but I was saving that for when I’m a bit more experienced in nature and also have a dingy.

I read the story about the girl who died at Shuswap earlier this month before I went on my trip. It made me so sad that this is something that happens at the lake, so my condolences to her family. And to the other family who lost their daughter 22 years ago. My ship captain is super, super, super cautious. (I mean he a ton of spotters and never moved unless he was 200% certain) After reading the news, I think there should be more safety measures around the propellers. Awareness is very, very much key, but it is super sad when someone else might run you over in the last article I linked. Just be cautious young party animals! It’s still really fun and I would recommend houseboating to anyone who wants a short trip away from the city.11014821_10153665477421756_1576245123387374505_n 11156236_10153665477521756_1609921626474583622_n 11760240_10153672171501756_8368040999403167547_n