Instagram has it’s way with making me wish we had certain crazy fusions here in Vancouver. Not too long ago, a picture of a churro ice cream sandwich came up on my feed and I damn nearly cried. Churros are one of my favourite snacks (it’s deep fried and sugary, would you blame me?) but to pair it up with cool, creamy ice cream blew my mind.


You can only imagine the shock and excitement that washed over me when I heard that some place in Vancouver creates this magical snack. This place is Hugo’s Churros, and they now have a permanent location at the new McArthur Glen Outlets in Richmond. They’re located in the Hawkers Market in the very far right corner.


When I arrived, there was a big line for ordering and waiting, I’m glad to see it so popular! For a churro ice cream sandwich (served with vanilla gelato), it’ll set you back $7.50.


Personally, I didn’t mind the price point – it’s not ridiculously big, but perfect for one person. The churro ice cream sandwich is essential two churros wrapped in a circle with ice cream in the middle. The churro was crispy but still soft and had that great cinnamon and sugary taste to it. The vanilla gelato was creamy and complimented the crispiness of the ‘bread’ parts well. It was a little messy to eat half way, as it started to fall a part a bit – so make sure you grab a spoon/fork.


Brian and I also grabbed two churros to try, they were delicious! Crispy and a good length.

Hugo’s also started selling tacos recently – but I had just ate lunch, so I’ll have to come back and try the tacos.

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