Menchies has a brand new flavour at their fine frozen yogurt (or Froyo as I like to refer to it to) establishment! Oreo is one of my favourite ice cream and frozen yogurt flavours, but its especially delicious with different toppings.


To celebrate it, Menchies has scoured the country for digital ambassadors and luckily, I was chosen to be one of them! Throughout the summer, I’ll be sharing my fun mixes on Instagram and Twitter.


While this “job” may seem strenuous- I mean, all that froyo eating! What is a girl to do?? I’m inviting you to spend the summer doing the same thing- enjoying delicious frozen yogurt whenever you please!

Congratulations @buttagal for winning the VIP MenchiesMyway Giveaway!

Details are as follows:

1) Visit any Menchie’s and show me your delicious mix!

2) Follow @Menchies_CA and @gastrofork either on Twitter or Instagram (@Menchies_Canada and @gastrofork).

3) Tweet or share an image on Instagram with:
#MenchiesMyWay: “THE NAME OF YOUR CREATION” – @Gastrofork @Menchies_CA

I will choose a winner based on presentation and the name of your creation- so get creative, clever, silly or a mix of the three!


This is my mix, I called it Magic Menchies XXL ;D . I smushed a Nanaimo bar and a brownie on the bottom, added vanilla frozen yogurt, sprinkled graham crumbs then added chocolate frozen yogurt. To top it off: strawberries, oreos, marshmallows, white chocolate chips and rainbow sprinkles!

I will chose a winner August 1st. Good luck!