Have you ever explored Bellingham? I mean REALLY explore it – not just Bellis Fair and Trader Joe’s. You’d be happily surprised how interesting downtown Bellingham is. The architecture of all the buildings shows the history of this town – it started off as a busy seaport and then became a haven for those looking to work in the coal mines. I’d really recommend taking a walk and admiring the buildings (or maybe it’s just me!).



A complete MUST do is visiting Rockets Donuts in downtown Bellingham. I’m a little embarrassed I’ve never heard of it until recently, since I used to go down to Seattle to visit relatives almost every weekend when I was growing up.



Rockets Donuts is an institution, all their donuts are made by hand every day. They strive to use the best ingredients and it shows in the quality of their donuts. While I love the occasional ‘artisanal’ donut, I can really appreciate a well made, traditional donut. That’s what Rockets Donuts does well.


They make all different types of donuts from crullers to bismarcks, including their Monster Donut and Cronut. Their monster donut could easily be 6 inches in diameter, so it’s definitely something you gotta share…or….come hungry for. They have different flavours of cronuts, the Nutella one is the one we chose.


I definitely enjoyed the cronut, it was flaky and moist but still crispy on the outside and slathered with Nutella.

I’d definitely recommend stopping by and trying some of their donuts (or bringing an entire box back, because….that’s what normal people do right?).

Food: 4.5

Service: 4.5

Value: 4.5

Ambiance: 4

OVERALL: 2015fork2015fork2015fork2015fork2015halffork

Visit their website here.

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