I am making a public service announcement: if you’re in Merritt, Kelowna or the boonies in general, buy berries and fruit. It’s the juiciest, sweetest and loveliest berries I’ve had. Words cannot describe how different they are from the city. The country produce superiority is real.IMG_7885

We were sad not to see this fruit vendor along the way back. He did say he was going to the Pemberton Festival. I’ve always wanted to go but its pricey! He probably had a good time! Rock on.IMG_7881 IMG_7878

Along my way home, we stopped at Blondies Cafe and Bakery.

IMG_8384 IMG_8380

I wasn’t very hungry, so I got their cookie and lavender lemonade. I wish I had more food here, it looked delicious. The lavender lemonade revived me on a super dry, hot day. I didn’t taste a lot of the lavender, but it was still very delicious.IMG_8378 IMG_8377 IMG_8375I also stopped by a Coras to say our goodbyes. What are your favorite pit stops on the road from Vancouver to deeper in BC? I never know what to recommend as I’m not a road traveller myself. Comment below if you love a certain somewhere!

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