I stumbled up a pop-up gem at the new outlet, McArthurGlen Designer Outlet. It is the Capilano Tea & Soda Co. It awakened my tea hoarding over 9000. I had three bags of their unique blends in my hands but I had to put one down, as it was the beginning of my shopping trip at the outlet.


IMG_8822I purchased the Elderberry Green, which is organic Mao Jian Green Tea with Elder Berries. I’ve mixed it at home with some elderberry soda over ice. I also purchased the Juniper Rooibos. It is rooibos, Rose Petals, Lavender, Blue Berries and Juniper Berries. At home, I steeped my tea leaves in gin and made shots. I also made a cold brew version without alcohol. It’s when you put the leaves in cold water and let it brew over 4 hours. When you strain it, you can drink it alcohol free or add gin.

The atmosphere of their pop up is calming and minimal. I sat down with friends chatting over tea. I loved their lavender lemonade, it was fragrant, floral and light. It kind of reminded me of a classy old grandma. They will be opening a new storefront in Vancouver in September. I’ll be back to acquire more tea.