Secret Garden is always my go to tea place if I have time to have high tea. I remember selling shoes in this neighborhood and seeing the familiar faces who go to Secret Garden often to have tea. Older ladies with vibrant hats to young girls who are about to shop down the street for books at Hager, clothes at Courtney and watch their siblings get fitted at the Bootery.

The Secret Garden has cute, old English decor and shortbread cookies in shapes of hearts and stars. I’m very happy Josh loves having high tea, despite its over-the-top femme attire. Don’t get this place and its crowd wrong though: last time Josh and I went on a date, we saw two jovial construction worker men enjoying themselves behind a group of older women.

My favorite tea is the Secret Garden’s Secret. Do you know what the secret ingredient is? It is a black tea with vanilla and something special.  Jasmine Dragon Tears is divine – it is picked in the first three weeks of spring.

IMG_7470 copy IMG_7471 copy

The food is also fantastic. It is different depending on when you go and if you are a meat eater or not. The expectations can be the same: little sandwiches, rolls, scones, sweet cakes. My favorite is their jam surprisingly. I always finish the jam up along with the creme on my scones.IMG_7469 copy IMG_7468 copy IMG_7467 copy

Another place I like as well is Faubourg in Kerrisdale. I used to visit it after work just as it opened in the past. My go to drink has always been a Marco Polo Tea to go. Below is a dog cake from Faubourg.IMG_7466 copy