One of the wonderful things about living on the coast is the abundance of great seafood. While we have so much bounty from the ocean that we have great access to, nothing can compare to a delicious Atlantic lobster.


From now until August 30th, the Keg Steakhouse is offering their super popular lobster menu. While you may be scratching your head why a steakhouse would be featuring lobster – if you have not been to the Keg for their lobster menu, you must. It’s not just another addition to their menu to fill seats.

The Keg sources these Atlantic lobsters from Clear Water in Nova Scotia. They come in live three times a week and they only bring in lobsters that are between 2-2.5 pounds.

There are a couple of new items on their menu and some of them you must try.

Disclaimer: Last week, the Keg invited me to come in and try the new dishes along with some other bloggers and food writers. Our meal was paid for, but all opinions are my own.


We started off with a new menu item the Szechwan Lobster. The dish is golden fried lobster and shrimp with a mix of chili peppers, red peppers and asparagus in a spicy and sweet sauce. As an appetizer, this dish is pretty good – especially if you like the sweet heat (as you can tell by the Thai chilies in the dish). That being said, I wouldn’t say it’s super spicy at all, but it has a nice kick to it. The breading is good and the lobster wasn’t overcooked. This dish would be good for one or two people to share, but you’ll have to order two if there are more people in your party.


The next dish is the Crispy Lobster tacos served with cabbage slaw and cilantro. I really enjoyed this dish. The appetizer comes with three tacos, although they say you can order this as a main meal. What I liked about it the most is that it’s light with the sauce served on the side. There’s just enough lobster for it to be filling but not too heavy.


The Lobster Roll is served next. There is 3 oz of lobster and 6 oz of shrimp in this dish. It’s lightly tossed in mayo with celery and topped with a bit of green onion and paprika on a buttered brioche roll. The brioche roll kept the lobster mix together (as we had to cut it into three) and I liked that it wasn’t drowning in mayo. I’ve never really been a big fan of lobster rolls – not entirely sure why they’re so popular. In terms of big taste, there isn’t much here, but if you’re looking for that classic recipe type lobster roll, you may enjoy this!


This Lobster Tail came right before our main dishes did. Just look at this monstrousity! If you can’t tell from the photo, this lobster tail was larger than my entire hand and dense with all that lobster meat. It is definitely something you can share between 3-4 people. I’m not a big fan of clarified butter and so I had this without the butter and it’s quite good on it’s own – tender and moist. I would definitely recommend ordering this!


Our Steak and half Lobster dish arrived next! It’s served with a tender sirloin steak (either 6oz or 8oz) that’s grilled to whatever doneness you like and served with a half Atlantic lobster. Our meal was served with a baked potato and some green beans. When you come to the Keg for steak, there really is not much else to say because they know how to make your steak perfectly. The lobster is gigantic, cooked just enough so that it’s still meaty and tender without any rubbery snap to them. Be prepared to get messy digging out the delicious meat in the claw, but worth it! If you’re coming to the Keg during this time of year, I’d definitely recommend trying the steak and half lobster dish – you get the best of both worlds. It may be a little pricey, but it’s definitely worth the cost.


And of course, we had to finish our dinner with a Billy Miner Pie. It’s just tradition. If you are absolutely stuffed and cannot fathom devouring the pie, they do offer a Mini Billy!

For more information on the menu and the Keg, check out their website here.