A friend of ours invited us to Dosa’s Corner. We had no clue where it was. On google maps, it’s some place after Super8 and Tim Hortons down on SE Marine Drive. Dee dropped us off on her way to Superstore. We arrived a bit early in the middle of nowhere so we went to the grocery store next door. They had a lot of cheap Indian-centric groceries. We bought a little jar of Chai masala ($3), some Tandoori spices ($2) and a box full of peeled garlic (around $2). Josh got some turkish delights.



We met our friends inside after our little adventure next door. Just a disclaimer: I’ve never had dosas before in my life. And I’ve never had something like it at all. I got Chicken 65 – fried chicken coated in spices. I got lamb spinach curry in my dosa. The lamb was so tender and juicy, coated in the rich spinach curry that came with every scoop of dosa. The dosa was crisp and broke easy as I tore off the edges.


I somehow remember Along Came Polly as I ate this. If my memory serves me right, Polly eats dosa as Ben Stiller freaks out cause he’s a neat freak. I was right with Polly: who the heck cares, hallelujah to my hands being sticky. And no, I’ve never been to the House of Dosas. I really wanted to try their potato stuffed dosa, but one serving was rightly enough for me.

I think this is also a family business. My friend seems to know the owner well – he remarked he brings all his friends along. I hope one day he scores a free dosa.



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