Between writing for Gastrofork, working in PR, running to events and meetings, errands and all – life can get a TAD BIT busy. I’ve really tried my best to master my afternoons and evenings so that I’m not working super late into them, but I’m not going to lie that there are many times that I’ve been working and I look at the clock and it’s a ridiculous hour of the day to be eating lunch. Even more so, since I have deadlines or things to look after, I usually go for something cheap and easy – and as much as I try to make a conscious effort to eat healthy-ish, sometimes it just doesn’t happen.


This is where I think Enroot Meals on Demand really comes in. The company provides fresh and healthy meals that are made from scratch. A lot of times, I find ‘healthy meals’ to be either ridiculously overpriced or not very healthy at all. But Enroot meals range from $7-12 and are quite healthy (no iceberg lettuce in this meal!).


I absolutely love the idea of having a healthy reasonably priced, conveniently ordered meal delivered to my doorstep. Enroot is great for not just crazy people like myself, but students, busy parents and even seniors. All their meals are made fresh in an East Vancouver kitchen.

Their meals are well sized and there are always add ons if you’re feeling like a little more. All their meals are fresh tasting and have good flavour to them. I had their wraps, but I am looking forward to trying their salads.


Enroot posts the next lunch and dinner menu on the website and social media so you know what you can order. Currently their delivery service is offered through Mount Pleasant, Gastown, Strathcona, Cedar Cottage and Fairview but are planning to expand across the city in the coming months. This is fantastic news because I know I will be using their service for sure when I’m working from home.

For more information on Enroot, visit their website for more details.

Disclaimer: Please note I was invited to try Enroot Meals and my meal was paid for. However, as always, all opinions are my own.