Make Your Own Wine at a RJS Academy Store

I was recently invited to learn the process of making your own wine at a RJS Academy Store. The process is quite simple – you purchase a kit (there are over 250 wine styles available) and stir in the ingredients to prepare your wine for the fermentation process. At this point, you can also further add to your wine from what they have in store – for example, you can add wood to give your wine a more oaky taste to it.

In 6 weeks, you come back to bottle, cork and finish your bottle presentation with label and shrink tops. It’s best to keep aging the wine (1-3 months for the white, 3-6 months for the red wine). One kit makes 30 bottles. Each kit costs between $180-$210 making each bottle about $6-7 per bottle. I would say that the quality is similar to the $6-12 bottle range you can buy at your local liquor store.

I can see this process of making wine convenient and economical for folks who are planning weddings. The cost alone is worth the time and effort – and it can be a fun night in with your bridal party!

The bottles can also be reused if you’d like to make more wine, making it great for the environment as well.

I’m so excited to see how my wine turns out – we went with the Italian Pinot Grigio (one of their most popular kits). We’ll find out in the weeks to come, in the mean time, I’m busy working on how my labels are going to look – thinking Casa De Gastrofork? 😉
Please note that I was invited to make my own wine by RJS Academy and my kit was paid for, all opinions are my own.

For more information, check out their website here:

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