Oak Street Farmer’s Market happens every Wednesday from 3-7pm at the Unitarian Church on Oak & 49th. I haven’t been to this one a lot because I’ve worked a lot over the summer and the Yaletown one was just in my reach. I regret not going sooner: it’s a lot quieter and more relaxed for a farmer’s market.

The first time I went, I regret not buying house plants at a wonderful plant and vegetable vendor that was there. I wonder when they’ll be back. There’s also a rotation of local beer and wine vendors here too. Here are some highlights I have of the market so far. I’ll be back tonight, and will add more to this post if I find more things that catch my eye.


A Bread Affair
I love buying bread at markets. I bought a French sourdough loaf here and my dad devoured the whole thing. I might have to try their Chocolate Bread next.



Sable Shortbread
Josh and I inhaled every shortbread cookie we bought here in… less than 2 hours. They have a variety of flavours, but my favourite is the strawberry lemonade and iced mocha.



Vegetable Vendors
There are a variety per week, one Kelowna vendor caught my eye. View the picture, the size of hand vs the vegetables. Those beans were super powered! We got some large green onions and made some meat dishes – they were pretty good quality. We also got basil and arugula to top pizzas later on in the week, all which lasted pretty well in our fridge and retained their fresh flavour.

The ceramic vendor…
I always, always want to buy something from the people who sell ceramics and crafts here. I have way too many mugs and dish ware, but one day I might just cave.

Wheeere are you plant vendor? I want to buy houseplants! Also, see some of my homemade dishes below.