It looks like there is no end to the bacon trend, and why would there be? With bacon’s crispy, salty delicious flavour, there really is no end to it’s versatility in dishes.

Case in point: Little Caesars’ Bacon Wrapped Deep!Deep! Dish Pizza. Surprisingly affordable for the price – $14.99, this pizza is wrapped with 3.5 feet of bacon around the crust for a limited time only.


This pizza is best enjoyed piping hot, so make sure you sink your teeth into it right away.. The crust is quite dense, so one or two slices are perfect (unless of course, you have issues with sharing). There are also bacon bits sprinkled on the top of the pepperoni pizza, so you get the full bacon experience.

Disclaimer: Please note I was invited to try the Little Caesars’ pizza, but all opinions are my own.

For more information, check out Little Caesars Canada.